GAPP Services

Georgia Pediatric Program (Gapp)

This program was created to aid parents with the assistance of their child's everyday living needs i.e. Feeding assistance, Bathing, Incontinence care, Transfer assistance, Grooming, Getting dressed, G-tube care, Medication administration etc. This care will be provided by one of our licensed professionals.

The In-Home Skilled Nursing Program is designed to serve eligible members based on a medical necessity determination for children under the age of 20 years 11 months. We are here to make an even better environment for you and your child to ensure that they receive the supports that they need.

Free In Home Care – for Children and Young Adults Under 21.

Is your child under 21? Does your Child need help with everyday living Activities I.E. Feeding assistance, Incontinence care, transfer Assistance, bathing, etc.? Does your Child have Medicaid? If so, then your Child may qualify for free in home Care services.

No Wait List

  • This program is not a waiver service, which will allow your child to receive services immediately following service approval.

  • Intake and evaluation typically takes up to 30 days for service approval.

  • Parents are involved with the development of their child's service plan of treatment along with any service goals.

Our company is dedicated to bringing you quality service as quickly as possible so that your child can begin receiving care immediately without the wait.

These are services offered by GAPP for children or young adults in need of in home care:

  • Medication Administration

  • Hygiene Care

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Take Vital Signs

  • Wheelchair assistance

  • Collect Treatment Plan Information

  • Turn or Reposition assistance

  • Change Sheets and Bed Linens

  • Observation

  • Communicate issues to Nurse or Doctor

  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities

  • Trach Care
    (Including changing and cleaning)

  • Gastrostomy Tube Care (Including Tube Feeding, Cleaning, Changing)

  • Bagging via Trach or Mouth

  • Respiratory Treatment

  • Suctioning

Let GHI Life Sharing Professional Support Services make everyday living more comfortable for you and your child.